4 Interesting and Weird Accommodation for Your Next Holiday

Most of us think of hotels and motels when it comes to holiday accommodation. However, there are many unusual, some would say weird, places to stay for adventure lovers. If you have an adventurous soul, here are few accommodation ideas for your next holiday.


  • Jungle Treehouse

Jungle Treehouse


Do you know that a major portion of human race’s life was spent in jungles living on trees? That was quite a long time ago; but if you feel reclaiming that experience, sleep in a tree-house, instead of a camp. It would be more adventurous and you will be safe from many creatures that might creep in your camp – the very reason our ancestors chose trees instead of the jungle floor.


  • Mud Hut

Mud Hut


When humans left the trees in favor of urban lifestyle, they formed colonies of mud huts. Yes, you heard it right! Mud huts can be considered urban when compared to trees. It’s time to have the same experience again. If you are planning to go to Africa, you can stay with a local host family or ask your tour agent to arrange one for you. There are still many people in the world living in mud huts.


  • Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel


Heading to Sweden? True to its name, Sweden’s Ice Hotel is built with ice, and it is redesigned and rebuilt every year. Everything in this hotel is made of ice, from the walls to the furniture. The rooms are covered in reindeer fur to give you some warmth. However, do not expect a fireplace in the room. You have to use a lot of warm clothes to keep yourself warm.


  • Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge


The prices of ski lodges drop significantly in summer. At this bargain price, you can experience the luxury of an excellent ski lodge. As most ski lodges are located outside cities, you might find it helpful to arrange your transport beforehand.