4 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks to Save Time Review

There are hundreds of Windows 10 tips and tricks, some of them useful while the others quite stupid. Here are the four tips and tricks that I found to be the real time savers.

4 Windows-10-Tips-and-Tricks-to-Save-Time-Review

Disable Automatic Windows Update

Although I do not recommend you to disable Windows update, or any software updates for that matter, sometimes it is annoying to see Windows update screen when you were just trying to restart your computer. There is no on / off switch to turn off Windows update, but you can use a little trick to disable automatic updates.

Windows does not update itself automatically if you set your Wi-Fi connection as a “metered connection.” To do this, click the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and click “Network settings.” In the network settings dialog box, click “Manage known networks.” A list of known Wi-Fi networks will appear. Click the network name, click “Properties” and turn on the button labeled as “Metered connection.”

Snap Windows to The Screen Edges

I find this feature immensely useful while working with multiple windows. Drag any window with your mouse pointer and hit it to the edge of the screen. It will snap itself to the edge. If you snap it to the upper left or right corner, it will take the quarter of the screen. I usually snap the window to the middle of the edges so that it takes exactly half of the screen.

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Use Quick Access in Windows Explorer

This is not new in Windows 10, but it is surprising how few people use this useful feature. Open Windows Explorer and you will see the “Quick access” folders in the top-left corner. Drag any folder you use often to the quick access list and delete any unused folders from it. I find quick access folders a real time saver.

Try Tablet Mode for Touchscreens

If you are using a device with atouchscreen, try Windows tablet mode. Click the notification button in the bottom-right of your screen and click on “Tablet Mode.” It makes the icons bigger and easier to tap with fingers.

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