7​ ​​Less​ ​Travelled,​ ​but​ ​Amazing,​ ​Holiday​ ​Destinations

The world is an amazing place. When you think that you have seen a lot, it presents you with something new – something you might have never thought before. There are a number of world’s favorite tourist spots, all amazing and beautiful. However, there are many places that aren’t famous as tourist spots but might surprise you with its wonders. Following are some of such less traveled but amazing holiday destinations.

  • Madagascar

Madagascar is said to be the home of many extraordinary species that are not found anywhere else in the world. The famous lemurs of Madagascar have 100 species that are found only in this part of the world. Many other reptiles and plants are also endemic.

  • Mongolia

Mongolia has less explored, vast, and rugged landscape where traditional celebrations are still alive. This place is beautiful, but many few people from outside world visit here.

  • Cambodia

Cambodia is full of natural beauty and ancient architecture. One of such famous building is the Angkor Wat, a temple located at the center of Angkor Archaeological Park.

  • Lesotho

Lesotho gained its independence from the Britain some 50 years ago. Sehlabathebe National Park and Maletsunyane Falls are few of the many attractions. It has the highest low point in the world and is known as “Kingdom of the Sky.”

  • Moldova

Moldova is one of the least explored holiday destination in Europe. It is famous for its monasteries, bird watching opportunities, and booze.

  • Uruguay

Uruguay is one of the favorite countries that Gunnar Garfors visited, and he visited every country in the world. It is the place of UNESCO-listed Colonia de Sacramento and many other valuable sites. It is also famous for its wineries.

  • Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has many incidents of mugging and pickpocketing. But for a careful visitor, it is a valuable spot to spend holidays. It is working to protect its natural habitats and local communities.