Android Tips and Tricks: 4Things Every Android Phone User Must Know Review

The world of mobile phone users is now divided into two main groups: iPhone and Android users. I personally prefer Android for its open source nature. There are a lot of things you can do with your Android phone, only if you know some little tips and tricks. Here are the 4tips and tricks that every Android user must know.


  1. Locate Your Lost Phone

Losing a phone is an idea none of us would like to imagine. Fortunately, finding your Android phone is quite easy. If you are signed in with a Google account on your Android device, go to and select the device you want to find. You have a number of options there. You can ring your phone, lock it, or erase all the data. If you want to use Android Device Manager, install it now on your Android phone so that you can use it when needed.

  1. Quickly Change Your Wallpaper

There are two quick methods of changing your Android device’s wallpaper. Tap and hold on an empty area of your screen. A number of options will appear. Choose the wallpaper option. Choose a wallpaper from the list or tap “live wallpapers.” Second, if you are browsing photos on your phone, just click the menu and choose “set wallpaper.”


  1. Access Your Files from Anywhere

Open Google Photos app and tap the menu icon. Tap “Settings” and choose “Backup & sync.” Alternatively, you can install a cloud storage app, like Dropbox, and access your files from any device or computer. To sync Dropbox files automatically, install the Dropsync app. Be careful to store your highly sensitive data on the cloud, though.

  1. Recover Your Deleted Files

You can recover your deleted files by installing an app on your Android device, like FonePaw, or by installing a program on your computer, like Dr.Fone, and attaching your device to your computer through a cable. If you want to recover files from the phone memory, I recommend installing the program on your computer. And remember, if you can recover the files from your device, anyone else can do it.