Cleaning Kaloud (Heat Controller)

For those who don’t know, Kaloud is a heat controller of MOB Hookah Montreal that replaces aluminum foil. This device breaks a branch, but as it is reusable and gets extremely dirty after each session, it needs constant cleaning and this requires a little patience.

How to clean?

With a quick Google search you can find various cleaning methods, some people prefer to remove Kaloud balls with a sander because they say it helps a lot when cleaning and really helps. The step by step I’ll pass to you is what I use, in case my kaloud still has the balls, so it’s not always 100%.

Cleaning Kaloud (Heat Controller)

For this walkthrough you will need:

·         Water

·         A container that can go to fire

·         Neutral detergent

·         A steel sponge

·         A catcher

How to make

First you will take the Kaloud apart from your Egyptian Hookah Montreal then put the Kaloud in the container and put enough water to cover it, put a few drops of mild detergent and bring to a boil for 2 minutes. This done, remove the Kaloud from the container with the help of the handle as it will be very hot, support it somewhere or use a cloth so you do not get burned, rub the steel sponge until all the dirt loosens. If the dirt does not come off immediately, you can repeat this process as many times as necessary.

Final considerations

Some scratches are likely to appear due to contact with the steel sponge, but be carefree that this is super normal, and Kaloud is thick enough not to be damaged by scratches. Although it is virtually rust proof, it is important that it be completely dry. So if you are going to use Kaloud right away, there is no risk of water coming in contact with coal. Keep enjoying your Khalil Mamoon hookah Montreal.

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