How to Get Aquariums Moved Safely?

Is it safe to carry my aquarium during my move?

Well some of the most delicate items in a move are your pets and aquariums and they are the extremely sensitive items and handling living things and aquariums shows the professionalism in the matter of care. For a moving company in Japan, it is always good to have the knowledge for the forthcoming process and failures occur on the day of the move.


We are going to give you some advice to help you during your transportation, but the most correct thing is to get more specific advice from Aquarius shops in your region. The first step is to prioritize the transport of fish, never try to carry on your own, let us guide you through the main rules.

  • Important on removal day, the aquarium is the last thing to come out, monitor the packaging if possible.
  • Buy styrofoam boxes of the appropriate size of your aquarium. It will serve to keep fish safe and at the right temperature during transportation but if the trip is shorter they can be transported in same bags.
  • If the choice is for plastic bags if possible store them in opaque boxes preferably polyethylene (used for food products) so that there is no change in temperature and so that the fish does not stress too much and further it helps to lower the metabolism.
  • Do it, if it is possible to transport the fish in your own car.
  • Try to feed your fish well up to 3 days before transporting them as they will only feed them back to the destination, this will prevent them from getting the water dirty during the move and keep the water clean.

We hope so that everything goes well with your aquarium do not forget to monitor your fish for at least 15 days and to do all the acidity tests in the water.

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