Is It Allowed to Use Vape Device and Vape Juice on the Plane?

One of the most difficult habits to eliminate and one of the most dangerous addictions to health is tobacco. Many people, even, cannot stay more than hours away from cigarettes. On a flight or a very long trip, this addiction can be a source of discomfort.

Is It Allowed to Use Vape Device and Vape Juice on the Plane.image

Rules about using vape devices keep changing constantly, it’s difficult to know where you’re and traveling with vape device may be a bit daunting at your place.

The vape device that produces steam with or without inhaled nicotine is one of the options for those who are quitting smoking or do not like the conventional cigarette. Users of this type of device often believe that it is allowed on flights or indoors because it is not a conventional cigarette.

However, at the time of flight, it obeys the same rules of conventional cigarette. Therefore, tourists should be aware, since there are places where the device is not allowed, such as inside the plane itself.

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Some airports allow the use of vape devices and vape juices; however, the tourist should be aware if this is the case of the airport in which it is passing. The passenger should also know that if you want to use the aerial where the cigarette is allowed, you will have to share space with conventional smokers.

At the time of loading the vape device, the passenger should also have special care. The airlines recommend that passengers carry their own vape devices in hand luggage, as it is the safest way to ship the device.

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Airlines also recommend that regardless of where the passenger packs the vape devices; always separate the battery and device. This separation is so that the tourist passes through the checkpoints more easily.

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