Medical Tourism: Is It Worth it? Review

The popularity of medical tourism is rapidly increasing – and for good reasons. It lets people afford the medical treatment that they might not afford in their home country. Medical treatment in developed countries has become very expensive. And if your treatment is not covered by the insurance, you might not be able to afford it.


On the other hand, medical treatment in many developing countries is far less costly. According to some estimates, you can have your treatment at half the price in a developing country as compared to the US or many other developed countries – and that includes travel and boarding expenses. The exact savings, obviously, depend on your procedure, your choice of country, and your choice of the medical facility.

A majority of people opting for the medical tourism seek optional – or nonemergency – procedures like cosmetic surgery and dental surgery. First, such medical procedures are often not covered by the insurance. Second, these procedures often do not require immediate treatment and can be scheduled at will.


Many people think of the quality of their medical treatment when considering a foreign, especially a developing, country for their treatment. It is fortunate, however, that many foreign countries offer similar quality at considerably less costs. The only thing you need to do is to the proper research about the medical facility you intend to visit. And if your chosen country has some good tourism destinations, you can visit them at the same time – this is the tourism part.

Medical tourism is a recognized industry now. So, you can expect specialized medical tourism services from travel and tourism companies. However, do not leave everything to the tourism companies. Do your own research and confirm that the country and the medical facility recommended by your tourism company is the best option for your specific needs.