Sands, Stones, and Serenity: Unveiling Montenegro’s Best Beaches

Tucked away in the Balkans with its shores gracing the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is a secret waiting to be told. Its coastline, a marvelous stretch of golden sands and rocky shores, is every traveler’s dream. The serene waves play a gentle symphony, echoing Montenegro’s rich history and natural grandeur. If you’re yearning for beaches less traveled, come and immerse yourself in the story of Montenegro.

Montenegro's Best Beaches

Montenegro’s Unique Beach Landscape

Traveling along the coast feels like reading a tale where every chapter unfolds with new surprises. The contrast of rugged cliffs against soft beaches, with cobbled streets of ancient towns nearby, creates a landscape that both excites and soothes the soul.

Centuries of geological forces have sculpted Montenegro’s coastline into a masterpiece. And while its beaches may not have the bustling popularity of Spain or Greece, they possess an untouched charm that appeals to the heart.

Top Montenegrin Beaches to Discover:

  • Sveti Stefan: From humble beginnings as a fishing village, Sveti Stefan has become the epitome of luxury. Connected to the mainland by a thin causeway, the pink sandy beaches flank a boutique hotel set in ancient stone houses. It’s where history seamlessly merges with opulence.
  • Budva’s Riviera: The Budva Riviera stretches for 35km, punctuated by secluded coves, clear waters, and a backdrop of mountains. But Budva isn’t just about natural beauty; its Old Town, with Venetian walls and Mediterranean streets, adds a dose of culture to your beach escapade.
  • Kotor Bay: Often dubbed as Europe’s southernmost fjord, the bay is a serpentine blend of sea and mountain. Hidden beaches dot the bay, with Perast and its two islets offering some of the most picturesque spots.
  • Velika Plaza in Ulcinj: One of the longest beaches in Europe, its name translates to “Long Beach.” With soft sands stretching over 12 km, bordered by dunes and lagoons, Velika Plaza is a haven for relaxation and water sports.
  • Beaches of Herceg Novi: Guarding the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, the town boasts of beaches like Žanjice and Mirište. They’re the perfect spots to witness Montenegro’s sunset magic.

Montenegro is renowned for its stunning Adriatic coastline, which spans over 290 km and is dotted with numerous beaches, coves, and bays. Let’s dive into some of the most famous beaches in the coastal towns of Montenegro:


  • Mogren Beach: This beach comprises two sandy sections connected by a small tunnel. Close to Budva’s Old Town, it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and convenience.
  • Jaz Beach: Located just outside of Budva, Jaz is one of the longest beaches in Montenegro. It’s popular for music festivals and is surrounded by campgrounds.


  • Velika Plaža: Translated as “Long Beach”, it stretches over 12 km, making it the longest beach in Montenegro. It’s known for kite-surfing thanks to favorable winds.
  • Ada Bojana: A unique river island beach at the mouth of the Bojana River, famous for its sandy coast and vibrant nightlife.


  • Sutomore Beach: A sandy beach approximately 1 km long, bustling with tourists and locals during the summer.
  • Queen’s Beach: Located near Canj, this beach is known for its healing mud and fine sand.


  • Dobrota: Made up of a series of small pebbled beaches, offering fantastic views of the Bay of Kotor and its surrounding mountains.
  • Orahovac: A pebble beach with pristine blue waters, it’s an idyllic location with a backdrop of mountains.


  • Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizons): A sandy beach located in the bay of Pržno, it’s known for its shallow waters and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.
  • Oblatno: This beach offers a mix of pebbles and sand, surrounded by olive groves and rocky landscapes.

Herceg Novi

  • Žanjice: Located on the Lustica peninsula, this beach is surrounded by olive trees and offers a pebbly coastline with crystalline waters.
  • Rose: Once a fisherman’s village, Rose is a peaceful pebble beach destination away from the hustle and bustle.


  • Lučice: Approximately 500 meters from Petrovac, this beach is surrounded by olive groves and pine forests. Its waters are turquoise and crystal clear.
  • Petrovac Beach: Located in the heart of Petrovac, it’s a sandy beach bordered by historical sites like Venetian fortresses.

Adventure and Water Sports Opportunities

Montenegro’s varied coast isn’t just for sunbathers.

  • Kite surfing in Ulcinj: With steady winds and expansive beaches, Ulcinj is the kite surfing capital of the Adriatic.
  • Scuba Diving: The Adriatic’s depths are teeming with life. Ancient shipwrecks, hidden caves, and vibrant marine ecosystems await the intrepid diver.
  • Yacht Trips: Chartering a yacht along the Adriatic is a delightful journey through azure waters. Moor in secluded bays, dive into crystalline depths, and dine under the stars.

The Importance of Environmental Conservation

But with such beauty comes responsibility. Montenegro, despite its modern embrace of tourism, remains rooted in nature. Efforts are constantly made to ensure sustainable tourism. The “Wild Beauty” of Montenegro isn’t just a tagline; it’s a promise—a commitment to preserve nature’s splendor.

Visitors can play their part too. Using eco-friendly products, participating in beach clean-ups, and respecting marine life are small steps with a significant impact.

Tips for Travelers

For those with Montenegro on their horizon:

  • When to Visit: The period from May to September is ideal. However, for a serene experience, the edges of this window—late spring and early autumn—are magical.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Seafood reigns supreme. Savor dishes like black risotto or enjoy a platter of fresh mussels by the sea.
  • Local Etiquette: Montenegrins are warm and hospitable. A little courtesy, like dressing modestly at religious sites, goes a long way.

Montenegro, with its intertwining tales of sands, stones, and serenity, is more than just a destination—it’s an experience. Its shores, rich with tales of ancient mariners and echoing the soft whispers of the Adriatic, await your footprints. Will you heed the call?

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