Stunning 360º VR videos of world’s greatest places

This is Jonathan. He travels around the world with a 360-degree camera. On his journey, he captures spectacular 360º scenes of remote islands, curious wildlife, ancient temples, picturesque villages, spectacular waterfalls and much, much more. “The world is such a beautiful place”, he explains, “but unfortunately most people will never experience those places because they are unable to travel the world for whatever reason.”


Then he discovered the potential of virtual reality. “With virtual reality people can experience world’s greatest places without actually being there. It is as close as you can be to the real experience.” His videos are quite different from mainstream travel vlogs. “It is not about me. It is about the beauty of this world. So, I don’t talk, and I even try to hide myself whenever possible, which is quite a challenge when recording in 360 degrees.”

Such an approach has another advantage: “Since I don’t use spoken text, anybody, irrespective of language, is able to enjoy my videos. Actually, ‘The 360 journey’ is not a vlog at all. It is a mind-blowing virtual reality experience to relax, unwind, and free your mind.”

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