Tag Tips for Snowboarders and Skiers

Experienced athletes already know that to ensure fun on the slopes it is necessary that the good relationship between winter sportspeople be maintained! There are many small and large mistakes that some athletes, especially beginners, often make on the ski slopes. So much so that in some centers, the teams that supervise the security of the place can even collect tickets and prevent the entry of some practitioners in cases of bad behavior.

To avoid frustrations and misunderstandings, we suggest in this post a list of etiquette rules for your fun times in the snow! In fact, it’s not exactly rules, but just a few tips to practice common sense when you’re enjoying skiing and snowboarding.

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1) It does not matter if you are away from your friends or your family, sticking the queue is certainly not the most elegant solution! It is important to be patient at these times to avoid embarrassment.

2) You may not know the person sitting next to you, but a little sympathy and kindness does not hurt anyone, does it? How about a conversation to break the ice?

3) You may be outdoors, but when you are standing next to a person 50 meters off the ground and you have nowhere to run, it is not legal to light a cigarette. Avoid practice and leave it to yourself when you are away from the tracks!

Tag Tips for Snowboarders and Skier

4) If you are a beginner in the sport, the best thing to do to not cause any problems on the track is to opt for some basic Niseko snowboarding lessons at Propeak. So you will learn the technique of sports and some rules and tips for your safety on the slopes.

5) Observe and respect signs and warnings on the track. It is a basic rule, but essential to avoid accidents!