Things to Do in Miami – Miami Tips for Your Trip!

Traveling to Miami is one of the great dreams of many people who are looking for new adventures in luxurious places and offering a variety of options and possibilities for activities and sights to visit.

Check below which hobbies and locations can be visited in Miami for a complete trip, knowing the main places of the city.

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  1. What are the best beaches in Miami

One of the activities for all visitors to Miami to enjoy is the visit to the beautiful beaches that can be found in the city, although some, more popular, are further from the center.

All options are very interesting and paradisiacal for any person profile, with wonderful natural landscapes that become local postcards, and you can find among the hottest options, as some quieter to relax and enjoy time and leisure.

  1. Key West Island

Located approximately 260km from Miami! It’s a little far, but many people when they go to Miami put Key West on their route, and besides the city is wonderful with several beaches to enjoy, the journey from Miami to Key West is really beautiful.

Located to the south of Florida, offering a lush landscape for its tourists, it can be reached by bus, car or van, with a three-hour journey through incredible bridges, with a beautiful view of the entire city. 

  1. Ocean Drive Tour

Another of Miami’s postcards is Ocean Drive, one of the city’s main avenues that is located in the southern part, close to the main beaches, inns, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, making it a way for tourists to move to various activities that the site offers.

Ocean Drive is located in front of the beach, with some stores scattered throughout its length, which also allows those interested in shopping.