My Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant in Barcelona The Pan’s Club

Life in Barcelona appreciates more and more tourists to move to its attractions, because it has become a place built on a cultural miscellany, influenced by somewhat more modern thoughts and, in short, a space that seeks to adapt more and more to the new times where everything is susceptible to being questioned.


Some actions that seek to favor lifestyle in Barcelona, such as supporting vegetarian culture in the city among not only citizen but also among tourists.

Luckily for us, Barcelona is becoming more complete as far as veganism is concerned, and not a year goes by without opening several vegan, vegetarian or vegan-friendly venues. So if you reside here or are thinking about visiting Barcelona and making a vegetarian / vegan route, you must visit Pan’s club, a vegetarian restaurant.

Moving suddenly to fantastic Barcelona restaurants, most of those seek to offer the wonderful fast-food is an enjoyment for tourists with an experience for the premium taste. From seafood, vegetarian dishes to tapa barks, the city’s restaurants have a bit something special for every person. These are the most excellent vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

The menu of Pan’s club restaurant for lunch in Barcelona goes in the vegan, quiches Barcelona and other healthy vegetarian fast-food line. It offers salads, bagels, quiches and smoothies. If you visit there for brunch Barcelona, there would undoubtedly be delicious fresh smoothies and coffee, crescent rolls, bagels, and much more. They are a real last! They also have some sweeties at the entrance, amazing and delicious dishes for sale. Inside they also have a kind of store where they sell backpacks, cushions and others in the shape of fruit.

El Born restaurant is a fairly inexpensive restaurant, the smoothies are around €5.50, and so per person is usually about €10 including drinks or coffee.