What is ETIAS? Why It was Created?

ETIAS is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

The visa mechanism is new and was designed by the European Union. With it, US citizens need no visa to visit any Schengen country.

The visa is requested electronically in minutes and, if authorized, travel authorization arrives in your email without any inconvenience.

Why was ETIAS created?

ETIAS was created to increase the internal security of its member countries (against terrorism, for example), to prevent illegal immigration and to help reduce border delays.

The visa is also intended to assist travelers on their entry into Europe as it aims to reduce waiting times and long lines in airport immigration.

You must also show your ETIAS travel authorization to a Schengen Area Border Control official when you arrive in a Schengen Area country for final entry approval.

This may occur when the conditions for ETIAS are no longer the same or if there’s reason to believe that the travel approval was acquired through fraud.

The visa may also be revoked if the traveler is not allowed to enter the Schengen Area or if a travel document is lost or stolen from you.

In such specific cases, the cancellation or revocation of ETIAS shall be made by the authorities of the Member State which has the evidence that led to such an initiative or to the ETIAS National Unit of the Member State where the traveler arrived.

In this case, you can contact an immigration professional to submit an appeal for ETIAS Visa.

Another way to be overridden or revoked is if the automatic system receives an alert. When this occurs, the system first checks whether the alert is related to a valid ETIAS travel authorization. If this is the case, the Member State which issued the alert shall be responsible for revoking the travel authorization.