The best places to shop in Bangkok

Bangkok is a heaving metropolis that gives you endless options to shop till you drop.  Depending on what you are wanting to buy there are different parts of Bangkok that fit the definition of best places to shop in Bangkok.  In terms of shopping etiquette you’ll find that at most market stalls or street stall style shops haggling is perfectly acceptable.  The shop owner will gauge how much of a foreigner you look like and give an opening offer to start.  At first I found this frustrating, but with a bit of practice haggling is a very fun sport.

Sukhumvit Street Markets

The Sukhumvit Street Markets set up around five in the afternoon and run to around midnight in the 1km stretch between Nana and Asok BTS Skytrain Stations.

The markets are a place where you can find just about anything.  From pirated DVDs to socks, souvenirs and shoes.  Take a backpack to carry everything that you buy otherwise you’ll end up having to buy a backpack as well.

Stop by even if you’re not looking to buy anything as the atmosphere is half of the fun.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

The famous Chatuchak Weekend Market is a shopping place that has almost stamped its name in mythology.  With more than 8000 market stalls this weekend spot is exhausting.  But if you want a bargain there is literally no better place in the entire city than these markets.

The sheer size of this complex puts it into the list of best places to shop in Bangkok.  You’ll be able to buy anything you can imagine here but better yet it’s also a great place to grab food and you can waste an entire day here very easily.  No matter how much of an anti-shopper you are you won’t be able to leave this place without ‘just having to have’ something.


MBK is the only shopping centre I’ve put on this list of best places to shop in Bangkok.  It’s one of Asia’s oldest shopping centres but still keeps up its style.  The centre itself doesn’t have a lot of western style shops, it is much more local style (although, as a westerner this makes sizes harder to find).  The centre also has a great electronics market so there is something for everyone.

Wanting to know how to get there? Take the Sky train to Siam or National Stadium station, and it’s a short walk from there.  In a few shops in MBK haggling is okay, but most are more department store style.

There you have it, three of the best places to shop in Bangkok.  As you can see I’ve looked towards cheaper places to buy but also places where you can enjoy the local culture.  After all isn’t that why we travel?  Find out more at Verramente.