Hotel New York In Rotterdam – All The Important Things You Need To Know

Rotterdam is a great place to visit during summers, given the amazing maritime and riversides it has to offer. Now that the summers are in full glory, people are actively looking for the best hotel to stay at and there is nothing more luxurious and comfortable than Hotel New York Rotterdam (yes, they are available in Rotterdam). So, if you are ready to book a room, we have all the information available in this article about the rooms and more!


Hotel New York, Rotterdam – The Brief 

Hotel New York is one of the leading hotel chains around the globe and finding a room in this hotel is truly everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing experience after you come back from the city’s touristy activities. On top of everything, there is a baggage service, baby intercom, and air conditioning available for everyone to promise a comfortable and relaxing experience. 


The rooms at Hotel New York are extremely well-done and are curated by professionals to find a perfect combination between practicality and comfort. So, let’s check out the rooms the hotel has to offer;

  • Patio rooms – these rooms have a warm interior with the most comfortable bed. In addition, there is an espresso coffee machine but you might miss the views
  • Wilhelminapier room – these rooms provide a view of the Maas River and the hotel has built new bathrooms, promising a full-range experience. In addition, there is air conditioning available 
  • Wilhelminapier twin room – the rooms have double beds and promise a view of the Maas River and Wilhelminapier pier. It’s a great choice for a family of four as long as the kids are eleven years old or younger
  • Rijnhaven room – as the name suggests, these rooms promise a view of Rijnhaven, so you can see the ships and water taxis coming into the harbor. In addition, it offers a bit of Katendrecht and you get a comfy bed as well as a bathroom with a shower
  • Tower room harbour side – the rooms are designed with two floors; the downstairs has a king-size bed and there are cast-iron stairs in the room from where you can go upstairs and check out the city and river 
  • Maaszijde waterside room – the rooms overlook the Maas River and you can watch the cruise ships passing by. As far as the room is concerned, it has a warm interior, a well-functioning bathroom, and a comfortable bed by Treca de Paris 
  • Wow suite – this is the biggest room in the hotel that comes with wooden paneling and an exceptional fireplace. There is a sleek TV and modern furniture. In addition, the bed has been separated by a dividing wall, while you can check out the views with binoculars while sitting in a high chair 
  • Tower room riverside – this is a two-floor room with a queen-size bed and the upstairs offer a view of the river and city. In addition, there is a full-length bath associated with this room 
  • Boardroom suite – these rooms are located on the front side and have a historic design, given the wooden paneling. These rooms are extremely spacious and there is a separate seating area with a fireplace
  • Roof terrace room – this is a quiet yet spacious room with a view of the Maas River. There are separate living and sleeping areas. In fact, you get a private terrace as well



Hotel New York has perfect spaces for events and meetings. Ranging from high ceilings to sufficient sunlight and perfect setting for corporate events, you won’t have any hiccups. There are seven Bibliotheek rooms available with bookcases installed up to the ceiling. In addition, there is Balszaal available for large-scale presentations, lectures, and business days. Lastly, there is Plate with two spacious function rooms for conferences. 


On the ground floor of the hotel, there is a café-restaurant that has the capacity for over 400 guests. The menu is diverse and huge, which means there is something for everyone’s taste palette and affordability. Also, the restaurant is pretty amazing with high ceilings and colorful lighting. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Also, there is a bar available as well as a special oyster bar!