Top Scuba Diving Destinations of the World for Serious Divers

When looking for a nice scuba diving destination, many factors play an important role. For some, things like the overall experience of the vacation, sightseeing attraction of the city, hotels, food and many more things might play an important role in choosing a scuba diving destination. However, for serious divers, the factor affecting the decision to choose a scuba diving destination are entirely different. They value the factors like vertical walls in deep, clean pollution-free water and the opportunity to see and interact with marine life. The following list is more suitable for the scuba divers that fall in the second category.



Palau is a group of islands in the western reaches of the Pacific Ocean, and it is considered one of the best diving destinations by the diving enthusiasts. It has almost everything a diver dreams of: corals, caves, animals, and shipwrecks. Palau is especially attractive for those divers who want to see the less-explored diving sites.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica and Bali, Indonesia

Cocos Island Costa Rica and Bali Indonesia

These two sites are famous for the marine life variety and ease of access. Cocos is especially famous for catching a glimpse of big animal life. Both sites offer a rich action of marine life.


Looking for marvelous scenery and all sorts of colors? The shallows diving of Bonaire is the one right place for you.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef Australia

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is very famous for its diversity and colorful life. Some BBC documentaries have made these diving sites even more popular.

Provo, Turks and Caicos

Provo Turks and Caicos

Like Bonaire and Great Barrier Reef, this is another great site to see the colorful marine life.

Sudanese Red Sea and Coron Island, Philippines

Sudanese Red Sea and Coron Island Philippines

Many experienced divers have termed the Red Sea as the world’s most photogenic wreck sites. Coron Island is another site full of WWII Japanese shipwrecks.

With so many interesting places for scuba diving, it’s the time for you to spend your next vacation underwater.