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Functioning interior lights are essential for safety on the road especially at night time. If you notice your car’s interior lights have begun to go dim, you can rely on PartsAvatar car lighting to brighten your car cabin.

It is unsafe to ride on road without properly functioning bulbs and interior lights. PartsAvatar Car Parts Store online has solution for everything and you can rely on that for replacement of car parts that have been damaged somehow.

Car interior lights are of different types like dashboard lights, dome lights, map lights etc.

Car dashboard lights may feature several warning systems associated with different car related problems. You must check them and do not ignore them. Warning lights tell you that something is on or has occurred inside your car. Lets have a look at some dashboard lights.

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Dashboard lights

If you see any red warning signal, it actually is an indicator to serious problem with your car. You might encounter safety issues which should be addressed to immediately by a professional.

Red light also tells that the servicing time for your car has come.

Similarly yellow light occurs when a certain component of car needs repair. Immediately take your car to the mechanic for further check up and maintenance.

Green lights don’t give that much of a scare. They only indicate that a system or light is active.

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent dashboard lights that are used every day.

The temperature warning light is triggered when the system tries to warn the driver of possibility of engine overheating and it demands the driver to stop the car to let the temperature drop.

Braking system alert indicates a low brake fluid level and professional help should be sought to rectify any issues, leaks or low brake linings are a common cause. It can also trigger when ABS is malfunctioning. So, better take help of technician to get what the real problem is.

Dashboard lights

Battery warning also indicates prominent issues with car battery which also indicate to damaged or dead car battery.

Oil pressure warning light illuminates when oil pressure or sensor detects low pressure of oil. In that case, it is not good to let the engine operate because it will further damage the engine components which are very expensive to repair. If after making amendments, the problem still persists, then you must take help of a professional mechanic.

Check engine light is one of the deadliest things to happen. This is because, it may carry various reasons behind its occurrence. It might be trivial like a loose cap or big like damaged engine part. This illuminates when engine management system is at fault and is often related to emissions or running concerns.

The professional attention is necessary in such case.

Dome lights

The dome light is an interior cabin light with a dome shaped cover attached to the ceiling of a car, vehicle, room or building. Dome lights is seen as a safety feature of car which acts like a flashlight in the dark.

We often drop keys somewhere in our car hastily, so in that case, dome lights keep you from hitting some delicate component of your car interior in search for your thing.

Dome light isn’t turning on when switched on? If the light wont do so even when door is opened, then the time has come to replace them. Sometimes, there might be problem with fused electrical system of lights.

Check them thoroughly and then make appropriate repairs. You cant just avoid its repair? Its important to be able to see inside as much as it is for outside area to be visible.

But before making amendments, make sure to check whether they really have any problem with their functionality. Similarly if the switch is set to the wrong position, the dome light wont come on when the doors will open.

Malfunctioning interior lights

Is your interior light producing dim light impact? Dim light may be the indicator of dead battery or battery losing its life. Perhaps, make sure to check the car alternator for cracked or loose belts in such case along with the battery.

Don’t imagine something freaky or scary when the interior lights of your car start to flicker. Flickering lights may the result of technical faults in your car like corroded battery connections, electrical problems, malfunctioning switch. You can take your car to a technician. If you usually drive at night, don’t ignore this!

If the light stays on even after the door closes, check the sensors and the hood. Sometimes, if the hood is not shut properly, this is indicated by lights.

When all of the car interior lights stop working at the same time, radio still functions, this means something related to fuse has been malfunctioning. Check the fuse box which might be located near engine compartment, under the dashboard or near the glove box. Make sure you look for light fuse. It might be a short circuit, that you can handle yourself.

Easy, isn’t it? But it is important at the same time so don’t ignore its maintenance.

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