The International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA)

The International Hotel and Restaurant Association is the main trade association for the hotel and restaurant industry worldwide. The organization was founded in 1869 when forty-five Hotelmen from around the world met in Koblenz, Germany, to form the “All Hotelmen Alliance.” The alliance aimed to help the industry grow and gain organizational strength, and in 1921 various hotel associations were merged to form the IHA. The IHA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents the interests of hotels, restaurants, and travel agents worldwide.


The IH&RA has offices in Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, and New Delhi. It is composed of national hotel and restaurant associations from countries around the world. The organization has 50 member companies and monitors international agencies and regulations. It represents 60 million travelers worldwide and generates 950 billion USD a year. IH&RA also has offices in Paris, and Barcelona. Its members are the largest hotel and restaurant association in the world, with headquarters in New York, London, and Geneva.

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With its headquarters in Geneva, France, IH&RA also has offices in Hong Kong, Barcelona, Washington, D.C., and London. Its members include national associations of hotels and restaurants in 20 countries. It monitors international agencies and operates a global network of member hotels. Its members represent 60 million people and 950 billion USD in travel and tourism each year. Its mission is to advance the industry and make it better for travelers everywhere.

In addition to their member associations, the IH&RA supports many other industries, including tourism. Their expertise and experience in international marketing and sales are invaluable to the industry. In 2006, the IH&RA reported double-digit RevPAR growth in its members’ companies, despite political unrest and the threat of terrorism. China and India’s population of international travellers is growing faster than their disposable incomes, making these countries ideal for international hotels.

The IH&RA works with member associations to promote and protect the industry worldwide. Its members are national hotel and restaurant associations from the US, Canada, and Europe. Its members have offices throughout the world, including Hong Kong, Switzerland, and France. Its members represent more than fifty brands and 60 million visitors each year. In the UK, the environmental surcharge has been implemented for flights. Other European countries are considering similar actions. This international trade group is an indispensable part of the hospitality and travel industries.

The Middle East tourism industry has expanded substantially over the past several years. It now boasts the fourth-most-popular destination in the world. In 2006, the region had double-digit RevPAR growth, despite the political unrest and threat of terrorism. The number of first-time international travellers in China and India has been on the rise since the 1970s. By 2020, more than six billion people in these countries will be visiting international airports.

As the global tourism industry expands, the industry must maintain its roots. It must consider dietary requirements, age-old traditions, and cultural differences. There is a need to adapt to local preferences. For example, Mandarin-speaking hotel staff will become more sought-after. Similarly, it will be vital to understand the local language. In addition to this, international travel will become more affordable. If a client is unable to speak English, the hotel will be unable to offer it to them.

The industry must adapt to the needs and preferences of local residents. In addition, the industry must be sensitive to language differences and cultural differences. For example, many Asian countries require a high-quality experience to be accepted by locals. Moreover, it must cater to the needs of the elderly. If a guest is unable to speak English, the hotel staff must also speak Mandarin. Lastly, the hotel business must be sensitive to the cultural and religious preferences of a country.

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The IH&RA is a global association of hotel and restaurant industry. Its members are national associations of hotels and restaurants. Its membership is comprised of over 50 brands and 950 billion USD annually. Further, it monitors international agencies and imposes environmental surcharges. Moreover, it has an extensive database of international brands and is an important member of the tourism industry. This is a powerful indicator for the future of the hotel business.